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Centralia business survives fire

Posted on Wednesday, November 4, 2020 at 6:40 am

Boone County, Centralia, Fire Departments. save K&K Wood Products

A local business took a hit Wednesday around lunch time.

Doing a hero’s job, Centralia Firefighter Demi Towne walks into the fire at K&K Wood products

That is when Clint Dubes, owner of K & K Wood Products, a producer of wood pallets and other wood products located on Centralia’s north edge on Rt. C, since 1994, caught fire.

“The crew was at lunch. I was on my way back from a delivery and saw the smoke,” Dubes said, adding that none of K&K’s seven employees were hurt. “I ran inside and saw the fire and called it in. Luckily nobody was hurt.”

An assortment of 10 fire engines, tankers and squads responded, eight from the Boone County Fire Protection District and two from the Centralia Fire Department.

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