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Centralia Cross Country sweeps the CCC championships

Posted on Tuesday, October 6, 2020 at 12:47 pm

Boys, girls, win Clarence Cannon Conference team championships

The Centralia Panthers boys and girls cross country teams with their first-place conference championship plaques.

The Centralia Panthers boys and girls cross country teams have won their respective Clarence Cannon Conference championships. This is the sixth consecutive year the girls’ team has won the championship.

“Six years ago is where the streak now for the girls started,” Jason Watermann, CHS head cross country coach said. “The girls have been CCC champs for six years straight. No other girls team has won this award.  From that time of 6 years ago to now the competition just keeps getting better and better.”

The championships were held at Palmyra’s Flower City Park.

Nate Riddle won the individual boys championship. Jozelynn Bostick took second, in the girls championship.

The district championships are Oct. 31 in Bowling Green. The top 15 finishers will receive medals and qualify for the state championship race.

On the girls side there were 55 girls who competed from every CCC school.  The girls team took home the CCC Championship plaque and two first team awards and four second team awards. The rest of the top girls finishers were: Schyler Angell, 5th place, First Team All Conference; Lily Stidham, 10th,  Second Team All Conference; Shelby Lewis, 12th, Second Team All Conference; Mara Davis, 13th, Second Team All Conference; Chris Heimann, 14th, Second Team All Conference. Maelea Parrish took 17th.

Rohan Holiman took third at the championships but was not available for the team photo.

There were 39 competitors on the boys’ side. Some were lost some to quarantine, Watermann said,

Jozelynn Bostick took 2nd at the CCC championships, but was not available for the team photo.

from all CCC schools, except Brookfield and South Shelby.  The boys came home with the 1st place trophy after a five-year absence.   The boys had four First Team honors and one Second Team.In the boys’ race: Rohan Holiman took 3rd,  First Team All Conference; Brandon Lynch, 5th, First Team All Conference; Benji Chick, 6th, First Team All Conference; Eli Hill, 13th, Second Team All Conference. Logan West took, 17th and Seth Beard, 18th.

Other team members who competed:  Preston Teel, Logan Bird, Griffin Anderson, Michael Magnusson, Shane Mitchell,  Kylee Walters, Joella Melegrito, Gretchen Marriott, Taylor Carrico, Ava Stephens, Delaney Mast, Hannah Adams, Emma Romine, and Maggie Stanley.