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Centralia dance studio debuts fitness class for seniors

Posted on Friday, July 9, 2021 at 4:54 pm

Springsteen’s “Born in the USA,” echoed off the sand-colored walls of the Mid-Mo Kats dance studio on East Allen Street in the Prenger Foods plaza.

“Any time we are trying to gain muscle or gain muscle tone, our goal is to shorten the muscle,” Kalyn Garrett said as the five students, mostly senior citizens, performed seated dumb bell curls with rubberized two-pound weights. Pointing at the middle of her bicep, she continued, “So just thing about tightening everything here, this is a pretty good exercise.”

The occasion was the studio’s “Move and Groove Fitness Class.”

Kalyn Garrett leads an exercise class for seniors at Mid MO Kats.

Garrett described what the once-a-week class it is about.

“It is for ladies above 50 who want to use their muscles in a low-impact workout. It is a fund and safe way to work your body. We do a lot of c hair aerobics-yoga and muscle memory activities while having fun with music.”

Don’t worry about arthritis or old injuries, she said, they are not a problem.

“If you have prior injuries or arthritic joints we will modify the exercises to fit your needs.”

During the class, she leads them through calf-raises as well as a modification for her seated students.

“Up on your toes, but going toward your big toes. If it goes to the outside, that means weak ankles. If it is hard to maintain your balance, you can stand behind your chair.”

On one wall is a poster that says, “Just because something is difficult doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try. It just means you should try harder.”

Class member Nancy Baca said she was there because she likes how the class is run and it helps her compensate for the time she spends at her desk while working.

“I love working out to music. I was attracted to the class knowing it was a low impact. I am taking the class because it motivates me to stretch muscles and stay active. Working in an office sitting takes a toll on my back and shoulders.”

They move on to an upper body exercise with dumbbells, a movement similar to a swimmer’s breast-stroke, while her I phone remote speakers blasts “Surfin USA.”

Then comes an abdominal exercise.

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