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Centralia Ministerial Alliance holding Bible-reading marathon on city square

Posted on Tuesday, May 2, 2023 at 1:00 pm

The sound of Genesis filled the air around Centralia City Square Park the morning of April 28.

No, not the British prog-rock band, something immeasurably deeper.

Anna Yonkers was reading from the first three chapters of the Bible’s Old Testament, the Book of Genesis.

Anna Yonkers reading the Bible

It was what co-organizer Tyler Romine called a “Bible reading Marathon,” the third fellow organizer Nancy Stroppel, said Centralia has hosted since 2010.

Centralia’s church community is enthusiastically supporting the event.

“Nancy came to the Ministerial Alliance with a big dream,” Cornerstone Baptist Church’s Pastor Tyler Tebrink said. “To have the entire Bible read over Centralia over the course of 90 hours. I think such a challenge is a wonderful thing for the Kingdom of God. Seeing churches come together for such an event is encouraging. I think it helps reinforce the unity of the Universal Church and helps expand God’s Kingdom. All for the honor and glory of King Christ.”

Cornerstone has reserved the reading times on Wednesday, May 3rd during the 4-, 7- and 8 p.m. hours.

The bible reading began 10 a.m. Friday with Ann Yonkers leading off.

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