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Centralia Panther road warriors beat Macon

Posted on Saturday, October 17, 2020 at 12:39 am

Panthers beat Tigers, 34-18

Pick axe defense and avalanche offense got the undefeated Centralia Panthers their seventh win of the season, the night of October 16 In Macon’s Hugh Dunn Field against the Macon Tigers.

Macon was deeply challenged for three quarters of the game, racking up the majority of their 34 points before Macon even got on the board.

The Tigers did not score until midway into the third quarter.

Mason Barr makes a diving catch against Macon.

Until then, Centralia held them scoreless, as they scored eight points in the first quarter, courtesy of a three-yard Luke Hunter and a Beau Gordon to Lane Mathews two-point conversion pass,  and 12 in the second.

Centralia took a 20-0 lead into the locker room at half time.

Beau Gordon crossing the line for six.

Then, after Centralia quarterback Beau Gordon scored six more via a 10-yard run up the middle, Macon hit back.

Kyden Wilkerson keeping the sky above Hugh Dunn field clear of Tiger pass completions.

Macon’s Trevin Shrum ran 58 yards downfield for Macon’s first touchdown, at 8:11 in the third.

Both teams stayed off the board until 7:51 in the fourth. That was when Gordon broke through the middle of Macon’s for a one-yard touchdown, capitalizing on a 21 yard Luke hunter rush that culminated with him diving to within six feet of the goal line.

Macon was not done

Their quarterback Mykel Linear, scored twice more, first with a 12-yard rush, then with a short pass, but it was not enough. Centralia’s defense stymied both of Macon’s two-point conversion attempts and was able to run down the clock and win. 34-18.

Adam Hatton catches a long bomb from Beau Gordon.

“They just sort of lost focus in the fourth,” said one observer of Centralia’s fourth quarter. “But they got it back in time to stop Macon’s momentum.”

Centralia’s offense took 408 yards from Macon while their defense held the

Luke Hunter skimming over the turf, Macon tacklers in his wake.

Tigers to 285.

Luke Hunter led Centralia in rushing with 170 yards and one touchdown.

Gordon rushed for 51 yards and four touchdowns and Kyden Wilkerson rushed for 34.

Gordon was a threat in the air as well, he passed for 157 yards in 20 attempts.

Macon’s Linear was 129 yards in 13 attempts. Jackson Wells led the Panther receiving corps with 50 yards in five receptions.

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