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Centralia Panthers beat Bowling Green Bobcats

Posted on Saturday, October 10, 2020 at 12:03 am

Panthers win 24-22 in game of comeback football

The Centralia Panthers won again. But for Panther fans it was not the style of victory to which they were accustomed.

Max Hunter reaches out to make the catch which starts the Panthers game-winning comeback drive.

The Centralia Panthers came back from an 14-point deficit to beat the Bowling Green Bobcats 24-22, Friday October 9 in Bowling Green.

Adam Hatton makes the game-tying catch.

Sometimes the numbers tell it best.

The first quarter ended 0-0. From the Fireside Guard’s admittedly, less than expert perspective, Bowling Green seemed to have more mid-field dominance. Though they did not score, they got closer to the goal posts than Centralia. “Their defense really played well,” said one observer.”

Centralia receiver Nathan Greene agreed, “their defense was almost exactly like ours.”

The second quarter ended 8-6, Centralia.

Bowling Green scored first, rushing four yards for a touchdown, then had their extra point kick blocked.

Then it was Centralia’s turn and he Panthers returned the favor with interest.

Luke Hunter took a Beau Gordon handoff four yards for a touchdown and Gordon completed a two-point conversion pass to Nathan Greene, sending them into halftime, two points ahead.

But by third quarter’s end, Bowling Green led, 14-8.

In the fourth, Bowling scored eight more, but the Panthers broke loose and scored 16, all of them in the last six minutes.

Adam Hatton shows the crowd the ball after his game-tying touchdown catch against Bowling Green.

They did not give up and their passing game began hitting and in the last minute, a 40-yard scramble by Panther Quarterback Beau Gordon, a wildly acrobatic catch by Max Hunter set up the winning play.

With less than four minutes left. Gordon made a four yard touchdown pass to Greene., than made the two point conversion to make it 22-16.

Then with three seconds on the clock, Gordon connected with a six-yard pass to Adam Hatton to tie the game 22-22, then slammed another pass into the waiting hands of Jackson Wells to take victory from Bowling Green’s jaws of defeat and give the Panthers their sixth win of the season.

“I just think our kids know how to win,” said one observer, “they have the mentality to never give up.”

Editor’s note, please see next week’s edition of the Centralia Fireside Guard for the full article.