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Centralia Planning and Zoning approves rezoning

Posted on Friday, November 1, 2019 at 7:02 am

It was a relatively calm Centralia P&Z meeting, October 24 as local developer Boyd Harris approached the six members about a modest planned development for those 55 and older.

Addressing infrastructure, Harris said the accompanying sewer system, would have a private pump station. “It would be part of the HOA, Homeowners association…” he said regarding the proposed development in Northwest Centralia, on the west side of Hwy. 124, southwest of the Singleton 124 intersection.

The audience at a recent Centralia P&Z meeting.

Soon, he said, when he asked when he hoped break ground on the planned, attached single-family residence development.

“Have you approved the rezoning yet,” Ward I Aldermen Don Bormann asked from the audience.

The commission, with Dale Hughes attending by telephone, voted to accept the rezoning request.

They also accepted the plat by the same vote.

Harris said they intended to build the necessary infrastructure before submitting the final plat. He also said he had discussed the project with a representative of the Special Road District to appraise that agency of their plans. “We will bring the street up to city specs… We will make it as good as we can.”

Harris said snow removal on the new street would be the responsibility of the city.

Hughes asked if the commission could soon begin to address the possibility of zoning marijuana-related businesses, “we want to be ready in case somebody wants to put one in someplace where we don’t want it.”

Chris Cox, Centralia mayor, said Cydney Mayfield, Centralia city attorney had already been instructed to research the topic.

He said one developer in Centralia has “already been approached about putting in a grow facility… She’s already searching to see if there’s any loopholes somebody could take advantage of.”

They finished with a discussion of bringing Centralia Residential-3 zoning more in congruence with what is used by Columbia and Boone County. Boone County’s R-3 zoning 2500 square feet of lot area per unit. Currently Centralia’s is 1,500 per lot area per unit. Bormann said 2,500 is “pretty common, while he knows nowhere else that uses 1,500. “That is more common for high-rises or intense three-story apartment complexes.

“We want to fix it, we want to be aligned,” Cox said. “We need to investigate that and bring the ordinance up to speed.”

Those present seemed to agree that such research would be necessary to learn which properties and proposed properties might not be in compliance. “Centralia needs to be more in alignment with the county because if we annex, it is county land we are annexing and the building codes used to build them will be in conformance with what we use.”