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Centralia playing for the championship

Posted on Thursday, December 12, 2019 at 11:48 pm

Centralia-60, Harrisburg-27: Boonville-69, Hallsville-55

Salisbury-43, North Callaway-42: Sturgeon-66, Macon 61

Jackson Wells scores the first of his game-leading 17 points, Dec. 12 against Harrisburg.

Centralia plays for the championship of the Centralia Invitational 8 p.m Saturday, Dec. 14 against Boonville after beating Harrisburg 60-27, Thursday at the Centralia Invitational at Centralia High School.

Hallsville lost to Boonville,69-55 and will play Harrisburg, 6:30, Dec. 14 for third.

Sturgeon won tonight as well, edging Macon 66-61. They start of the boys finals, 5 p.m., December 14 by playing Salisbury for the consolation plaque.

Centralia took the lead early and strongly.

Jackson Wells and Guy Moran scored back to back three-pointers in the first minute, with Wells following with a jumper to put Centralia on top 8-0 in 90 seconds. The first quarter ended with Centralia ahead 19-9. By halftime the Panthers led 33-16. The finished the third on top, 49-20, the slammed it home to finish 60-27.

Wells lead the time and the game with 17 points, followed by Moran with 16 and Dallas Lewis with 15.

Tanner Lanes led Harrisburg with 10.

“Our defensive game made the difference,” Head Coach Scott Humphrey said afterward. “We planned well and executed well. We knew we had to keep an eye on Lanes and the boys kept him under control.”

On offense, he complimented Lewis’ effort. “Dallas hit his free-throws tonight and that upped his point total… Dallas is a  player whose effort you never have to question, he plays to win.”

Sturgeon’s 66-61 win over Macon was an important one, said Sturgeon Head Coach Michael Smith.

“If we’d have played this way Tuesday night we would have played Centralia tonight instead of Macon. Unlike Tuesday, tonight the boys played unselfishly, like a team. I let the boys know they were a better team than they showed against Boonville and they got it.”

Jacob Brooks scores two the hard way while a Macon player stares.

He said slowing the pace in the second half made it harder on Macon’s defense and enabled Sturgeon to keep control of the game.

Jacob Brooks led Sturgeon with 27 points, followed by Jake Snider with 17 and Logan Flaspohler with seven.

The score by quarters was first, Sturgeon 13 – Macon 10: second, Sturgeon 29 – Macon 28: third, Sturgeon 50 – Macon 42 with Sturgeon finishing them off 66-51.

Hallsville Head Coach Brannon Bartlett did not sound too despondent regarding the Indians’ 69-55 loss to Boonville. “We needed a game like that,” he said. “There is no shame, Boonville has a great team and we got beat tonight. The first half we were just slow. Their

AJ Austene slams two in the last minute of Hallsville’s loss to Boonville in the Centralia Invitational.

pressure gave us trouble. We will see them again at least two more times this season.”

Boonville led every quarter – 18-17 in the first, 39-27 in the second and 51-35 in the third. Hallsville came back hard in the last minutes of the fourth but it was not enough to stop the 69-55 loss.

Hallsville’s Clayton Cook came alive in the second half to score a game-leading 20 points, supported by Jalen George with 13 and AJ Austene with nine. Barrett though said Dalton Whipple showed “outstanding effort. Sure, Cook shot great in the end, but Dalton showed a lot of improvement tonight under pressure. His perseverance tonight, he may have shown the most growth as a player tonight.”