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Centralia Police Department goes digital

Posted on Friday, May 14, 2021 at 11:27 am

Undergoes computerized, laser-equipped threat training

Shots and screams echoed in the Centralia City Hall Community Room.

Fortunately, they were all digital.

That was when, the afternoon of May 1, the 11 Officers of the Centralia Police Department received some high-tech training.

John Ash of MURMA was there with a computerized, laser-equipped system that enabled CPD officers to train in scenarios which would require them to use their pistol, TASER, or pepper spray without firing a shot, spray or zap.

As Lt. Tim Kribbs successfully completed a digital rape prevention scenario, Bob Bias, chief of the Centralia Police Department explained what was going on.

“Today we’re using what they call a FAX machine. It is a simulation providing ‘shoot- don’t shoot scenarios.’ It gives you

CPD Sgt. Bradley Harris training on the simulator.

hundreds of different scenarios where you’re required to use your common sense and also your training.”

CPD officers, standing in a dark room, facing a projector screen found themselves confronted with situations that included:

Attempted rape

Attempted kidnapping

Attempted suicide

People harming themselves, such as a young woman sitting in the back of truck cutting herself.

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