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Centralia R-VI School District handing prom off to parents group

Posted on Friday, March 26, 2021 at 6:04 pm

Parents group to  host prom at East Annex

There will be a prom.

There will be a graduation.

Those are the take-aways from a recent Centralia R-VI School District news release.

“Due to restrictions in Boone County, CHS will not be able to host a Prom event in 2021. Although we have known this outcome was likely, sponsors have been planning, preparing, and hoping for the best. Because of their hard work in doing so, we have a variety of preplanning in place and are more than willing to share those plans with any parent or civic group that can operate with more freedom to hold the event.”

Steven Chancellor, R-VI superintendent, provided some clarification regarding the prom.

“It’s not that we don’t want to have a prom,” he said. “We do. But if we did it the way county wants us to, it would not be a lot of fun for the kids.”

He said the district administration had been working on a set of dual plans and in the process of handing those plans to a parent group interested in holding the prom. One set presumed the restrictions would still be in place, the other set presumed the restrictions had been lifted.

“There is a parent group willing to take it over,” he said.

Heather Russell spoke to the Centralia Fireside Guard on behalf of that group.

“Because I have a senior and like any other parent I understand how important the prom and my child’s senior year is to them,” she said when asked why she was involved with the prom project. “The kids look forward all year to prom. Girls shop for and buy their dresses months ahead of time. Boys and girls both put a lot of time and effort into elaborate ‘promposals.’ There are people and groups in town that want to take the time to make sure the kids have a really special event to remember. I wanted to help.”

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