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Centralia R-VI School District reorganizes board, confirms summer school

Posted on Wednesday, June 10, 2020 at 6:08 am

Summer school, revenue and expenses and new board members. That was some of what the nine-member audience at the June 8 meeting of the Centralia School Board heard about.

All the board members, incoming and outgoing were there.

Steven Chancellor, R-VI superintendent, briefed the group on incoming funds. He said no district he knew of had yet received its Early Childhood Education funding from the state, but everything else was on schedule.

He offered some “generalities” on the upcoming budget.

“Even projecting the state holdings, which we estimate to be $360,000, we estimate we will finish with around $14.6 million in

After 15 years on the Centralia School Board, 10 of it as president, Justin Romine walks away from his career on the Centralia R-VI School Board.

revenue,” Chancellor said. “With a few assumptions, we are estimating expenses right around $14 million, leaving around $619,000 in unspent revenue which we can roll over till next year.”

He said various ideas were being discussed, such as transferring some of it into the capital projects fund. “Barring something very unforeseen, we are looking at around $619,000 to the positive.”

Chancellor said the board needed to identify nonnegotiables, absolutes, that funds had to be spent on in the next year. “One of our nonnegotiables is getting kids in our schools… Just by default there will be things we will have to do… How do we manage risk, how do we plan for it?”

Part of that, would be by cutting expenses in order to  have more funds available to respond, to keep schools running, in the face of additional local, state and federal funding cuts.

Out of state travel for athletics or events, he said were something that might have to be eliminated to prepare for those financial risks. Sending staff and FFA students out of state are things that might have to be eliminated to prepare for financial risk.

Chancellor later offered a clarification. “This, FFA, has not been eliminated, but I do not know how we can do it as of today.  I am hoping they come out with a virtual option at some point”

He also said major indoor events, such as dough-nuts with dad, dough-nuts with mom, the Veterans’ Day assembly, may have to be eliminated… Dances, assemblies these are things that may have to be eliminated, things that elevate our risk.” Events such as on-line or virtual concerts may become an aspect of the district’s future education, he said. “There are going to be some big questions, some big asks.”

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