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Centralia taking another try at Use Tax

Posted on Tuesday, January 9, 2024 at 9:29 pm

A better, ladder-equipped fire truck, better sidewalks and re-paved alley are some of the things advocates say could come from Centralia’s voters passing the 2.5 percent Use Tax.

In a conversation with the Centralia Fireside Guard, Tara Strain, Centralia city administrator and Chris Cox, Centralia mayor, discussed what a Use Tax is and is not.

It is not a double tax, they said.

If a shopper is purchasing something from a local business, they do not pay a Use Tax.

If it is passed, people shopping in Centralia will still not be paying a Use Tax on their purchase.

If passed by Centralia’s voters in April, Strain and Cox said, the 2.5 percent Use Tax would only apply to Internet purchases where the local sales tax is not already being assessed.

“This is not a double tax,” Cox said. “This would be the same sales tax you pay when you purchase something from our local businesses….”

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