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Centralia updates pet tethering rules

Posted on Wednesday, January 8, 2020 at 7:22 am

Centralia has updated some of its dog-related ordinances.

The city of Centralia has updated its rules regarding care of dogs.

During their December 10 meeting, Centralia’s Board of Aldermen passed an ordinance changing the city’s codes regarding the tethering of dogs and other pets as well those regarding the animals’ general well-being.

“They will be safer,” Bob Bias, chief of the Centralia Police Department said when asked what difference the changes would make. “It is not necessarily that big a deal, but it does eliminate some grey areas and makes some good changes regarding heat and wind-chill advisories.”

Bias, who said he does not see the changes greatly increasing the work load of Sandy Horton, the CPD’s code-enforcement officer or the patrol officers, said the changes were a compromise.

“It is not as restrictive as some wanted but I see it as a happy medium between the two sides.”

He said the rank and file officers would also be enforcing the changes, “But in many ways this type of thing is a judgement call.”

Some of those changes include:

• “No animal shall be tethered unless it has also been provided with adequate food, water and shelter suitable for the species, age and condition of the animal…

• No animal may be tethered during any heat or wind chill advisor or watch o warning issued by the National Weather Service.

• The tether must be of a type and weight that allows for the free movement of the animal and shall be no less than three times the animal’s length or 10 feet, whichever is greater, free from entanglements and contains a swivel at both ends. At no time may any logging chain, tow chain or similar device be utilized as a tether.

• Animals must be tether by a non-choke type collar or body harness constructed of either nylon or leather and no less than one inch in width, unless the collar is a rolled leather collar

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