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Chili supper raises funds for youth trips

Posted on Friday, January 31, 2020 at 7:29 am

The local chill lessened this Sunday. The sun coming out from behind the late-morning clouds helped a lot, but for the 80 or so people who passed through the Friendship Place at the corner of Singleton and Rollins Streets.

There was a variety of chili available last Sunday at Friendship Place.

That is where the Three Strands youth group held their annual chili and sweets lunch where people got to feast from a wide variety of chili, baked potatoes and desserts.

The goal was to raise funds to help members of the church-based youth group a pair of Christian-oriented youth camps this summer: The National Youth Roundup, in Sedalia, Colorado in July and the Passion Day Camp in Daytona, Florida in June.

To get there, the 40 or so members worked with their adult advisors to stage Sunday’s feed.

The results included at least eight simmering crockpots of chili, ranging from mouth-watering to mouth-singeing.

Smiling, ladle-equipped, teen-aged volunteers stood behind each crock pot.

In front of each crock pot was a small stand, holding a label adorned with the name of the chili.

Entries included: “Bizzies,” “Deer Jesus It’s Good,” “Thunder Gun,” “Grizzly Adams Special,” “Chili Plain Jane,” “Big Birds Butt Burning Chili,” “White Chili” and “Tongue of Fire Pentecostal Chili.”

“This is great, said Kenneth Smith, there with his family and carrying his second bowl of “” back to the table. “I think it is awesome. This is bringing the church and the community together to support the kids.”