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Contrail’s Chester Boren Middle School honors its best

Posted on Tuesday, October 29, 2019 at 2:30 pm

These students were honored the evening of October 22 in the Chester Boren Middle School gymnasium.

The candle line of new inductees at this year's Chester Boren Middle School Honors Club induction ceremony.

The candle line of new inductees at this year’s Chester Boren Middle School Honors Club induction ceremony.

They are the newest members of the CBMS Honors Club, what some would call the middle school version of the National Honor Society.

Besides good good grades, a cumulative grade point average of 3.5 is required, the students must demonstrate the following qualities in day-to-day life at school.








This year, those students are:

Mason Adkisson, Wyatt Adkisson, Abbygale Asbury, Coulten Baker, Brie’nee Beamer, Jacob Beard, Henry Bohlmeyer, Dryst Bostick, Claire Brinkman, Travis Brooks, Drew Brown, Bre Crockett, Rachael Crowe, Emma Daum, Noah Davis, Morgan Dimmitt, Nicholas Ditto, Juliana Dollens, Alexis England, Koda Espenschied, Bailee Farrens, Caris Finlay, and Matilda Fox.

Anthony Gibbons, Wendi Hargis, Tyler Hawkins, Nora Jimerson, Kiara Jordan, Claire Korb, Ava Lawrence, JR Lesher, Haley Ludwig, Emma Lutz, Addison Mabrey, Khloey Mathews, Lyla Mattison, Caitlin Mayfield, Abigail McSparren, Natalie Mistkowski, Izaak Moss, Ava Page, Tuckyr Pollock, and Maryella Pugh.

Adyson Rackley, Bethany Raps, Adam Rhoades, Keira Romine, Logan Rosenfelder, Bailey Schuering, Madison Shelton, Adam Smith, Ian Tuggle, Lilly Underwood, Ava Ward, Harrison White, Alise Williams, Jaylyn Woods, Leeland Buchholz, Tess Stephens, and Brooke Whitlatch.