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Posted on Wednesday, November 4, 2020 at 11:19 am

Reisch, Rowden, Carey retain offices

With 82 of 82 Boone County precincts reported, Judy Baker finished the Boone County race for the District 19, state senator’s seat with 45,233 votes to Rowden’s 43,994 with 78 of 89 precincts reported.

5 p.m. voters at Centralia’s First Christian Church.

However, according to the Secretary of State’s website, at 11:21 p.m., with 89 of 89 precincts reporting, the score is Rowden – 50,518 and Baker – 47,310.

According to the Boone County results, Cheri Toalson Reisch has won the Boone County portion of the District 44 state representative’s race 10,444 to 7,268. According to the secretary of state’s site, with 22of 22 precincts reporting Reisch won 10,711 to 7,340. Amendment 3 has 1,014,517 yes votes to 897 no votes.

Regarding being behind Sample early in the vote tallying, Reisch said she was not surprised and the only thing she felt Tuesday night was excitement.

“I knew the Columbia precincts typically get turned in and counted earliest,” she said, taking a break from working on the House Floor in Jefferson City November 4. “But I had faith my Centralia, Hallsville and Sturgeon constituents would pull through for me. I have a true 50-50 district.”

Reisch said, starting her third term, that her goals for the new term included filing a bill to benefit Missouri Task Force 1, getting a criminal justice jobs bill through the house and senate to Governor Parson’s desk. “I got it through the House onto the Senate floor last year,” she said. “Then COVID hit. This year, with my friend Majority Leader Caleb Rowden’s help we should be able to get it all the way.”

She said she also hopes to work with Hallsville  to get a public safety tax authorized, as introduce a bill to help daycares.

Northern Boone County Commissioner Janet Thompson won reelection against Tristan Asbury, 20,665 to 18,200.

Boone County Sheriff Dwayne Carey won reelection against Charles Blair 57,270 to 28,396.

In Centralia, Question 1 failed, 1,259 to 777. Question 2 failed 1,183 to 909.

In Hallsville, Question 1 failed, 421 to 311.

The Boone County Clerk’s office reported a 70 percent voter turnout, with 91,709 registered voters voting, out of the county’s 131,022 registered voters.

The Audrain County Clerk’s office reported a 69.55 percent turnout wit 10,716 of the county’s 15,408 registered voters voting,

The Monroe County Clerk’s office reported a 74.39 percent turnout, with 4,496 of the county’s 6,044 registered voters participating.

The Randolph County Clerk’s office reported a 69.82 percent turnout, with 10,814 of the county’s 15,532 registered voters participating.

Editor’s note, see the November 11 edition for updates