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Governor declares Missouri ‘open for business’

Posted on Thursday, June 11, 2020 at 10:19 pm

Governor Mike Parson announced today at a news conference in Jefferson City that Missouri will fully reopen and enter Phase 2 of its “Show Me Strong Recovery” Plan on Tuesday, June 16.

“It is truly incredible to think about how far Missouri has come since March. At that time, no one knew what to expect. There was a lot of uncertainty, worry, and concern,” Parson said. “Here we are today, just over 90 days since our first COVID-19 case in Missouri, and I am proud to say we have overcome all of these challenges and more than met our four pillars to reopen.”

During Phase 2, there will be no statewide health order. All statewide restrictions will be lifted, though local officials will still have the authority to put further rules, regulations, or ordinances in place.

At the same conference Parson said he is extending his emergency declaration for the state of Missouri. The declaration he said  will now last until December 30. The extension will include four previous executive orders.

•Executive Order 20-04 easing regulatory burdens and certain provisions related to telemedicine and motor carriers

•Executive Order 20-05 allowing the sale of unprepared restaurant foods to the public

• Executive Order 20-06 mobilizing the National Guard in our response efforts

• Executive Order 20-08 waiving the requirement for a person to be physically present in front of a notary public

Extending these orders, he said will give Missourians time to work through the recovery process.

That action, Parson said, will enable the state to continue to utilize CARES Act funding

He credited the recover to achieving the “four pillars of the Show-Me Strong Recovery Plan.”

*Testing, Since April 20, weekly testing has increased over 220 percent. . “From almost none, to a average of 10,000 per day over the last two weeks,” Parson said.

*Personal Protective Equipment, “We continue to receive and distribute PPE across the state… 100 hospitals, 436 suppliers and more than 1,500 Missouri businesses, health care providers

*Hospital capacity. Our hospitals were not overwhelmed. From May 1 until June 10, total hospitalization has fallen more than 40 percent state-wide. As more people recover, ICU beds and ventilators become available.

  • Data. We went from having no Missouri specific data to an entire dashboard of data from across the state.”

He said the state was committed to safeguarding the health of the residents of long-term care facilities.

“At the same time, the Department of Health and Senior Services is working closely with the long-term care industry to issue guidance on safely and logically reopening long-term care facilities in a way that aligns with the situation in each community and individual facilities,” Parson said. “We expect to publish these recommendations within the next few days.”

Parson also announced the Missouri State Fair would still occur. “The State Fair will go on. Some version of the state fair, maybe some things that don’t happen, that normally happen maybe shorter hours, less days… But we will have some version of the state fair… We want to do it and be as safe as possible, but we plan on having some version of the state fair in Missouri.”

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