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Governor Parson extends Missouri stay-at-home order

Posted on Thursday, April 16, 2020 at 3:50 pm

New date: Sunday, May 3

Missouri Governor Mike Parsons has extended the state-wide stay at home order to Sunday, May 3.

During his April 16 news conference, he said he had a plan to help Missouri’s economy move forward when the order is lifted on May 3. “We are going to move forward from that date.”

He said his office was optimistic things were getting better.

“We are seeing early signs that we have reason to be cautiously optimistic in Missouri,” Parson said. “That the infection has slowed, even in the hardest hit areas of Missouri…”

He said the plan for Missouri’s reopening would be “deliberate and Missouri data-driven.”

The May 3 date was picked he said, to give time to “propel the economy and get Missourians back to work.”

He discussed that plan, prefacing it by saying the number of COVID-19 cases in Missouri, “Would be much worse had we not taken fast and decisive action to implement social distancing.”

The plan, he said, has two initial goals.

  • First: “To protect our health care workers, first responders and other direct care workers, so that others who are our most vulnerable citizens have access to the care they need.”
  • Second: “Strategically reopen businesses, supported by testing data and insights from employers and employees.”

Parson called it “Our Show-me Strong Recovery Plan.”

He said it depends on four initiatives.

• Rapidly expanding testing capacity, including testing

• Expanding the reserves of personal protective equipment

• Continue to monitor and if necessary expand hospital and health-care systems capacities

• Improve the state’s ability to predict COVID-19 outbreaks using Missouri public health data

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