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Hallsville aldermen approve budget, issue statement on fireworks

Posted on Tuesday, July 4, 2023 at 6:24 pm

An audience of two attended the June 28, Hallsville board of Aldermen meeting.

Fireworks and what sounded like a line-by-line review of the proposed city budget, prior to its approval, were on their plate, along with a mid-meeting closed session.

Hallsville Alderman Tony Lindsay, left, discusses a budget line item with alderman Brandon Bickhaus

The decision to informally ask Hallsville residents from refraining from using fireworks within city limits to celebrate Independence Day was thoroughly discussed. “There is a bureaucracy issue in Boone County Tony Lindsay said regarding the county’s fireworks regulations. “If we were to do anything I would like to make a release suggesting no fireworks…

Alderman Brandon Bickhaus said they were calling for a half inch of rain on Saturday.

“We strongly encourage none, even on the fourth,” Lindsay said would be his preferred suggestion. “I would not be thrilled if my house burnt down because of a fire… It is a very serious issue at the moment.

“It is dry,” Alderman Ryan Johnson said.

Hallsville Mayor Logan Carter suggested they issue a statement strongly discouraging the use of fireworks to celebrate this Independence Day.

Lindsay said he would support an absolute ban, if there was consensus, “but otherwise I am in favor of strongly encouraging not using fireworks.”

They informally agreed to issue a news release discouraging the use of fireworks to celebrate Independence Day, 2023.

Regarding the budget, among other things, the City of Hallsville 2023-24 city budget includes $457,449.08 in employee wages and salaries. By department they are:

•Police – $210,387.68

•Public Works – $163,829.20

•Administration:  $83,232.20

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