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Hallsville aldermen discuss dogs, speeding tickets

Posted on Friday, October 30, 2020 at 6:08 am

A ballon fundraiser was recently held at the Hallsville Fairgrounds to support the Hallsville Police Foundation.

Dogs, traffic flow, selling a patrol car, speeding tickets, and Halloween were among the list of topics discussed during the October 12 meeting of the Hallsville Board of Aldermen.

The aldermen heard a dog bite allegation from John Rieken who was there to ask the aldermen to revisit their ordinances regarding dogs biting people. He told the aldermen he had been bitten by a neighbor’s dog, but had declined to file a police report because he wanted to maintain good relations with his neighbor. Hallsville Police Chief Bryan Schultz was part of the conversation and confirmed the police had been called but no report filed.

No action was taken.

Schultz and the board also discussed Schultz’ interest in restructuring the traffic flow and pattern around the Hallsville R-IV campus during morning and afternoon classes. According to the meeting minutes, he said he traffic on North and Ricketts during those times is so dense that he does not think an emergency vehicle the size of an ambulance or fire truck could pass through going east or west.  Schultz is concerned the traffic would force emergency vehicles to drive around the school to enter some parts of the city to the north.  He suggested if a comprehensive plan were created, it might assist the city in developing alternatives to what he considers to be a serious problem.

Schultz presented the board the department’s September report. It said the department had participated in 221 calls and activities. They issued 27 summons, dealt with two accidents, and eight littering calls.  Schultz said that last month the HPD participated in a DWI enforcement campaign grant and a Child Passenger safety campaign grant.

In police department-related vote, the aldermen voted to sell the department’s 2015 Ford Taurus as surplus and, on Schultz’ recommendation, keep the department’s Explorer.

Also discussed was a complaint from, according to the draft minutes, Lori Mullins, not in attendance, regarding speeding in the Douglas Pointe area. Schultz confirmed it was a problem.

Mayor Logan Carter and Alderman Tony Lindsay informally encouraged Schultz to increase the department’s enforcement of the city’s speed limits.

Laura Moss, the city’s deputy city clerk also spoke to the aldermen about the city investing in Christmas decorations. She said she would to a future meeting with more information and cost estimates.


City Administrator Ridgway-Sample gave the Admin Report for September.  September sales tax collected was $9,183.31.  $2,722.38 more compared to September of 2019.  Capital Improvement sales tax collected was $4,591.66 and Park/Storm water sales tax collected was $1,147.91

They voted to:

  • issue a news release telling Hallsville residents to have a Happy Halloween and be safe.”
  • work with Mid-Missouri Regional Planning Commission to find grants to fund the writing of a comprehensive plan for Hallsville
  • amend the 2020-21 city budget by $90,000 to cover a vehicle purchase and proceeds from loans.