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Hallsville aldermen meet

Posted on Friday, February 5, 2021 at 6:55 am

Hallsville Aldermen discuss deannexation and sewer rates.

Sewer rates and de-annexing a piece of a development were among topics Hallsville’s aldermen discussed during their January 11 meeing.

They also approved a new garbage collection contract with Dayne’s Waste Disposal including a residential trash rate of $15.05 a month.

Prior to their February 8 public hearing, the aldermen discussed creating three categories of sewer usage and billing: residential, low-commercial and high-commercial.

Also mentioned was removing the government rate and having profit and nonprofit rates.

Mayor Logan Carter reintroduced rates of: residential –  $38.75 flat rate, low usage commercial/government, – $38.75 and high usage – $106.56.

According to the meeting’s draft minutes, Alderman Tony Lindsay said: “At the end of the day

this has to do with financial responsibility to cover the cost of what the City should be collecting that the City hasn’t been.”

He suggested these rates, similar to Carter’s: “$38.75 flat rate for residential, $48.44 for low usage  commercial/government, and $106.56 for high usage commercial/government.

The board also addressed rates for customers outside Hallsville’s city limits. They informally agreed to the following: “A 10 percent increase for outside the city limits. Residential would be $43.63, low commercial at $53.28 and high commercial at $117.22.”

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