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Hallsville mayor appoints Lindsay to board of aldermen, hires new police officer

Posted on Friday, April 17, 2020 at 6:41 am

The March meeting of Hallsville’s board of aldermen featured several appointments and one new hire.

Hallsville Alderman Tony Lindsay.

A new alderman, mayor pro-tem and alderman representative on Hallsville’s Planning and Zoning Commission and the parks board were on the agenda for Hallsville Mayor Logan Carter and the rest of the aldermen to fill.

Logan asked the aldermen to approve his appointment of Tony Lindsay to the office of Ward 2 alderman until the June 2020 election. Carter said Lindsay was the only candidate on the ballot, to fill the spot formerly held by Darren Maher. The aldermen unanimously approved the appointment.

The aldermen also approved Carter’s request to appoint Dan and Missi McCaleb to the Hallsville Park Board. This would be there second tenure on the park board, Carter said.

They also unanimously approved Lindsay’s appointment to the P&Z Commission, upon which he previously served as citizens’ representative.

In other votes, they updated the definition of public nuisances, and discussed an ordinance regarding the use of ATVs and UTVs on city streets.

Additionally, they voted to hire Bradley Young who as a full-time Hallsville police officer. Officer Young told the aldermen that he grew up in Midway and graduated from Hickman. He joined the Army in 2004 and got out in 2010 and has been in law enforcement since then.

Hallsville Police Officer Bradley Young.

Regarding UTVs and ATVs the update, according to the draft minutes of the March 9 meeting, did the following: “adds is the requirement of headlights, taillights, seatbelts and the yearly inspection of your vehicle that is permitted through the City of Hallsville.”

In response to a question from Alderman Carli Carmack, Carter said golf carts would be required to have inspections and none would be grandfathered. He also said the changes were to address safety concerns.

After discussion, Carter said the entire ordinance would be rewritten to include: “requiring a driver’s license, liability insurance, and seat belts worn if factory installed. $15.00 initial special permit fee and a $5.00 annual renewal permit fee.” No vote was taken.

In other business, they unanimously approved mutual aid agreements between the Hallsville, Centralia and Sturgeon police departments. City administrator Kenyetta Ridgway-Sample said there were no insurance concerns regarding the agreements. She also said it automatically renews and any of the agreements can be terminated with 90 days’ notice.

The agreement, Carter said, “allows our officers to cover them and their officers to cover us in emergency situations.”

Bryan Schultz, chief of the Hallsville Police Department also gave his monthly report. He said the department logged 339 calls and activities in February, which included 27 summons and two accidents. Schulz also said he and Sgt.?? Voss had completed a training course with the Mid-Missouri Major Crimes Squad and told the aldermen he grew up in Midway, attended Hickman High School and served in the U.S. Army from 2004 until 2010 and has worked in law enforcement ever since.

In Public Works Superintendent Dan McCaleb’s report, he said the department has installed a tank-less water heater in the Hallsville Historical Society building, reviewed training videos on building inspection and will be installing four water meters for the duplexes on Route OO.