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Hallsville R-IV ‘Stops the Bleed’

Posted on Friday, February 14, 2020 at 6:58 am

With a gauze pad between her palms and the cold inner arm laying across the Hallsville High School cafeteria table, Lesa Richards pressed down hard.

Andrea Haley-Vollrath practicing applying a tourniquet at Hallsville R-IV’s “Stop the Bleed.” program.

She was practicing how to stop a student, or anybody for that matter, from bleeding to death due to a life-threatening injury and Hallsville R-IV staff in-service titled “Stop the Bleed.”

Roberts, along with 69 other members of the R-IV high school and middle school faculty and staff, was practicing the ABCs of stopping bleeding as taught by Kassie Campbell, RN of the University of Missouri Health Sciences Center.

The ABCs are, Campbell said:

  • A-Alert, call 911
  • B-Bleeding, find the life threatening bleed
  • C-Compress, direct pressure, packing, tourniquet application.

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