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Hallsville revisits recycling

Posted on Friday, June 26, 2020 at 6:48 am

Mayor awards annual scholarship

Recycling, parking on lawns, a visit from District 44 Representative Cheri Reisch and the city budget were some of the things on table for Hallsville’s Board of Aldermen the evening of June 8 at Hallsville City Hall.

Regarding the budge, Kenyetta Ridgway-Sample said the approved 2020-21 Hallsville City budget lists estimated revenues of $1,210,371 and estimated expenditures of $1,206,710.

Regarding lawn parking, according to the meeting’s draft minutes, responding to a question from Hallsville Alderman Trynton Roberts, Ridgway-Sample said there had been complaints that vehicles parked on lawns did not look good.

The minutes show, “Roberts agreed that they shouldn’t park on their lawn, but he didn’t agree they should enforce that. It’s their lawn.”

Hallsville Mayor Logan Carter presents his annual scholarship to Hallsville High School student Ava March.

Alderman Terry Lindsay said the suggested ordinances on the subject would be more appropriate for homeowners’ association rules. He said it might be appropriate for some of the newer neighborhoods as an HOA rule, but not for some of the older ones where residents are used to parking boats or golf carts besides their homes.

Hallsville Mayor Logan Carter said that the city should enforce pre-existing ordinances related to the subject and no action was taken.

Reisch discussed the recent legislative session. She said that because of the Coronavirus, the state legislature would be out of session for six weeks. “On a normal year about 2,000 bills are

filled and about 150 get passed,” she said. “This year because of the abbreviated session about 50 got passed. A lot of legislation was left on the table.”

That included, she said, a bill allowing Hallsville to put a 1.5-cent sales tax on the ballot, which if Hallsville’s voters pass, would give the city extra funding for its police department. She said Governor Mike Parson has not yet signed it.

Also relative to the police department, she said, “One bill that affects them is the change to the motorcycle helmet law. If you are over the age of 26 and have proof of health insurance, you do not have to wear a helmet.”

Tristan Asbury, candidate for Northern Boone County commissioner was also there and introduced himself to the board.

Before presenting his monthly mayor’s report, Carter presented his annual Focus on the Future Scholarship to graduating Hallsville High School senior Ava March.

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