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Hubbell upgrade liable to delay traffic

Posted on Tuesday, July 20, 2021 at 2:31 pm

The first phase of installing a new testing generator at the Hubbell Power Systems Centralia testing lab might effect local traffic.

According to a notice from Hubbell, components of the 475,000-pound generator are being delivered over the next two weeks.

The new generator’s new home, near the intersection of Hwy. 22 and Howard Burton.

The “oversize load,” trailer-truck-sized components will arrive on 150-foot long trucks on July 20-21 and on July 27-28.

One part is the generator’s stator, the other, its rotor.

According to Hubbell, “The stator and rotor will be transported on a 150’ long specialized truck. on two separate moves.  The stator is set to travel first from Louisiana, Missouri to Centralia, Missouri.  It will be dropped off and then the truck will go back to pick up and transport the rotor. Once the pieces are at the facility, the equipment will be inspected and installed via the north side of the generator building. The wall has been removed so that installation can take place with the heavy equipment rigging.”

The assembled generator

The testing lab is located at the intersection of North Howard Burton Street and Highway 22.

According to the Hubbell news release, “Local traffic may see some temporary road closures while the 150’ truck is traveling through Centralia.  Missouri Highway Patrol and Centralia PD will be helping with alternate routes.”

In the news release, Laura Maupin, laboratory quality supervisor for Hubbell-Centralia, the new generator will benefit Hubbell employees.

The lab employs 13. Hubbell-Centralia as a whole employs an estimated 550.

“This generator will provide voltage and power for high-energy short circuit tests such as fault current, interruption, grounding and power arc tests. Many Hubbell business units require this laboratory to test Hubbell products for new product development (NPD), material cost take outs (MCTO), supplier verifications, and product performance inquiries (PPIs), using the generator to simulate the worst-case scenarios for failures on power lines.  Additionally, the lab operates under the brand name Hubbell Laboratories and provides testing to external customers on a third-party basis.”

Installation will be performed by outside contractors.

The crated generator being loaded onto a barge.

“Transportation, rigging and installation will be performed by HWP Rigging out of St. Louis with oversight and commissioning by ABB Inc. from Evansville, Indiana. The Hubbell Laboratory technicians have been working diligently to ensure that all the wiring, connections and buss work are ready for when we are able to fully connect the generator to our Hubbell systems for use.”

The components were manufactured in France by General Electric, according to the Hubbell release, and took three years to manufacture. “We ordered the Generator from GE in April of 2018.  It was shipped in April of 2021.”

Maupin is optimistic about the generator’s future. “Our original generator was installed around 1960 and performed testing until 2017.  We expect our new generator to have many decades of productive testing.”