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Letter to the editor

Posted on Wednesday, October 28, 2020 at 1:58 pm

Editor’s note, this is a paid political letter.


Dear Editor,

I am a former teacher in rural Boone county, and I am voting for democratic candidates this election for many reasons. I want to focus on one I hope your readership will share.

Having a secure, healthy future depends in large part on educational opportunities, which many rural children lack through no fault of their own, their parents’ or the schools they attend.

Every year I taught, I watched my students’ dreams diminish as they accepted artificial limitations set for them, especially the girls or anyone whose talents were not athletic in nature.

There is a lot of information out there, some of it misleading. I understand the impulse to reject what feels confusing or overwhelming in favor of a simple answer. However, life isn’t simple and neither is democracy.

Not only has Trump and his staff given up on fighting COVID–which other countries like New Zealand have successfully contained–but it will also eliminate accessible health care options in the midst of this public health crisis. Families cannot afford that.

Discrediting educators has been one of the most effective weapons shady politicians use to keep people from using their heads to make informed decisions. Don’t fall for it. Those of us who tell the truth–despite its discomfort–are the ones you should listen to most when the stakes are this high.

Please consider voting with me for a Biden-Harris blue ticket, candidates who care about us, our health, and rural kids.

Our lives and their futures depend on it.


Lara E. Dieckmann

Boone County resident