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MSHSAA official says there will be fall sports

Posted on Friday, July 17, 2020 at 6:03 am


Speaking to an audience of 18 at Centralia’s Friendship Place on July 9, Kenny Seifert, director of training and officials for the Missouri State High School Activities Association told  his audience of Centralia Kiwanis Club members and friends that as far as MSHSAA was concerned, there would be high school sports this fall.

MSHSAA’s Kenny Seifert

However, he said, “There are a lot of questions about football season, a lot of questions about softball season. Call me in three weeks… The situation is fluid.”

The situation, he also said, is not up to MSHSAA. “Your superintendents and school boards are ultimately the ones who make the decision. If you’re in school, we’re playing sports. If you’re not in school, we’re not playing sports.” He also reminded the audience that every school board had a county health department that could overrule them.

He also framed it this way:

“So here we are in July with thousands and thousands of cases… Our plan all summer and until we are told otherwise is, we will be playing fall sports. We’re preparing our officials to play fall sports. Obviously, schools have had to make so many adjustments, based upon their local health department recommendations, how they conduct weight lifting, training, summer camps; and every part of the state is so different. The city of St. Louis, they can’t do anything… Others can.”

Seifert offered some clarification to that.