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New pastor leading the flock at Centralia’s Antioch Baptist Church

Posted on Thursday, March 5, 2020 at 6:03 am

There is a new cook in the kitchen that is the Centralia-area ministerial scene.

Eric Hill, the new pastor of Centralia’s Antioch Baptist Church wore many hats before he came to the pulpit.

For 33 years though, one of those was the chef’s hat, the white toque.

As chef at Everett’s in Columbia, Hill supervised six cooks, three prep cooks and four dishwashers.

Now he oversees a flock of at least 21 parishioners at Antioch.

Eric Hill Antioch Baptist Church’s new pastor.

During the last 18 years, he performed full-time ministry to prisons, jails and nursing homes and brings that perspective to the Antioch pulpit.

It is a bit of a leap, he said, a pastor’s duties encompass more than sermons Sunday morning and Sunday evening.

“It’ time,” he said when asked what it is about being a man of God that many don’t understand. “A pastor puts in a lot of time laboring with his flock. The visits, the preaching, the praying with, the praying for, there is more time spent behind the scenes operating a church than meets the eye.”

It takes a body with some drive, he said, ideally more than one. “There is a saying that only 10 percent of any given congregation helps keep a church going,” Hill said. “Sadly, that is often true.”

Hill, whose idol growing up was his mother, Mary Louise Hill, who raised five children while working as a hospital maintenance worker and city of St. Louis License Bureau clerk, … For the complete article, see the March 4 edition of the Centralia Fireside Guard.