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New pharmacist in Centralia

Posted on Friday, April 23, 2021 at 7:37 pm

Kinkead’s expands staff

There is a new face in the Centralia health care scene.

Paige Day, Paige Dinwiddee when she walked across the Centralia High School stage to receive here diploma in 2005, is the new pharmacist at Kinkead’s Pharmacy and Radio Shack.

Day has been a pharmacist going on 10 years, and as she finishes her first month at Kinkead’s she agrees it is a home coming of sorts.

Paige Day, Kinkead’s new pharmacist

“Here I’m seeing teachers that I had when I went to school here and  you know my next-door neighbors and just everyone that I meet living here as well people from church so much nicer to see the familiar face almost every day,” she said when comparing working at Kinkead’s to the Hy-Vee pharmacy she worked at in Columbia.

Day is candid about how the business and profession of pharmacy has changed since she was a high schooler working part-time for Mike and Wendy Kinkead.

Particularly in two currently-related areas, vaccinations and the pandemic.

“At first it was extremely difficult – learning to wear a mask for 10+ hours at a time, rigorous cleaning schedules and trying to keep everyone six feet apart,” she said regarding working in the pandemic. “Then it got more difficult as pharmacists began performing COVID testing and antibody testing on top of regular pharmacy duties. But now, at Kinkead’s, I have the amazing opportunity to help vaccinate our community and try to regain some semblance of ‘normal.’”

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