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Panthers finish Centralia Invitational

Posted on Saturday, December 14, 2019 at 11:25 pm

Sturgeon loses consolation to Salisbury, 55-47; Hallsville beats Harrisburg for 3rd, 60-59; Centralia takes 2nd to Boonville, 57-48

The final night of the Centralia Invitational was one of high-intensity basketball times three.

Sturgeon vs. Salisbury

Logan Falspohler goes up for two against Salisbury.

In a tight game with multiple tie scores, Salisbury led 15-12 in the first; 27-23 in the second. Whenever Sturgeon would get ahead, courtesy of Jake Snider and Jacob Brooks, Salisbury’s Jackson King always seemed to sink a pair of jumpers or threes to put Salisbury back on top.

In the second half Salisbury surged taking a 38-28 lead by the end of the quarter and fighting off a hard Sturgeon charge in the fourth that brought the Bulldogs to with four, to win the consolation 55-47.

Jake Snider led Sturgeon with 17 points, supported by Logan Flaspohler with 14 and Jacob Brooks with 13.

King; and Grant Biere led Salisbury with 19 each.

Hallsville Vs. Harrisburg

Harrisburg had trouble gaining traction and Hallsville fought its way to an early lead after several ties.

Hallsville and Harrisburg fought for every possession.

The Indians took the first quarter 14 to Harrisburg’s nine. But Harrisburg discovered its 3-point game in the second quarter and took over the game, finishing the first half ahead 27-22.

Hallsville roared back in the second half and took the third quarter 41-38.

Things go tough in the fourth and Harrisburg hit back and Jace Carr tied the game in the with a pair of free-throws to send the game into overtime, 52-52.

It looked as if they would win the OT and the game when at the last second Clayton Cook sank a 40-foot three-pointer to win the game for Hallsville, 60-59.

Jaylen George led Hallsville with 20 points, supported by Cook with 12 and Trent Hobbs with 10 Hobbs with 10.

Kyler Longdon and Tanner Lanes led Harrisburg with 14

Centralia vs. Boonville

The first half was not kind to Centralia even though Nic Brooks put on a mini-shooting clinic for the crowd, opening the game with a pair of perfect west-side layups and a three-pointer to score Centralia’s first seven points. Guy Moran followed with a sweet layup to give Centralia nine early. The problem was Boonville ruled the boards the rest of the time and ended the first quarter ahead 15-11.

Centralia All-Tournament player Guy Moran shooting around Boonville’s DJ Wesolak.

The Pirates kept it up in the second and went into halftime ahead 28-19.

Centralia hit what Centralia head Coach Scott Humphry called a rough patch in the third and scored just three points to finish with 22 to Boonville’s 47.

They made up for it the fourth with scoring drives by John Durant and Guy Moran, to finish the game 48 to Booneville’s 57.

Moran led the Panthers with a game-high 15 points supported by Durant with 12 and Brooks with 10.

Luke Green led Boonville with 14.

“It was a tough time not to play well. That was disappointing. Everybody had their moments,” Humphrey said afterward of his team’s play. “But we just did not all click at the same time.”

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