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Panthers head north for CCC opener

Posted on Saturday, September 17, 2022 at 1:21 am

Centralia beats Brookfield, 40-8

It was a good night to be black and white in Brookfield.

Brookfield’s Burlington Field was the site of the Centralia’s Panther football team’s fourth consecutive win of the season, 40-8 over Brookfield’s Bulldogs. Centralia started judiciously, faster than previous games, but maybe still not as quickly as Centralia Head Coach Tyler Forsee would have preferred.

Nevertheless, the Centralia put the first quarter away, 7-0 over the Bulldogs, when with 43 seconds left, Panther quarterback Cullen Bennet ran a quarterback sneak 32 yards for a touchdown.

Listen to Centralia Head Coach Tyler Forsee discuss the Brookfield game below.

Panther kicker Nathan Timpe topped it off with his sixth consecutive successful extra point kick to cement Centralia’s seven-point lead.

“We started off early with our ground game and our offensive line did a great job up front,” Forsee said, as they have all season.”

Centralia struck again early in the second quarter, when at the 11:14 Jesse Caballero tackled Brookfield Colton Parn at the one yard line and five minutes later Kyden Wilkerson drilled through eight yards of Brookfield defense for a touchdown to make it 19-0.

“Obviously Kyden Wilkerson,” Brookfield Head Coach Kory Luke said afterward when asked what Panthers were on Brookfield’s radar going into the game. “He’s probably one of the best athletes in Class Two football.”

Brookfield hit back after that.

With 4:10 left in the half, Brookfield’s Amos Braun ran 21 yards for a touchdown, then Parn connected for a two-point conversion pass to his brother Peyton Parn for a two-point conversion, putting Brookfield on the board.

That was it for Brookfield’s offense.

Listen to Brookfield Head Coach Kory Luke discuss the game with Centralia below

The rest of the night’s touchdowns came from Wilkerson and Breylen Whisler, two more from Wilkerson, one in the second, another in the third. Whisler also scored in the third.

“Our offense did really good tonight,” Forsee said.

Centralia’s offense took 455 yards compared to Brookfield’s 235.

Wilkerson led Centralia, and the game with 122 yards in 18 attempts. Bennett backed him up with 93 yards in 12 attempts. Brayden Shelton rushed 36 yards in six attempts.

Mattie Robinson led the Panthers for receptions, 39 yards for one, followed by Wilkerson who was 35 for one and Brayden Shelton, 20 for one and Romine who was 20 for two.

Bennett finished the game with seven completions out of 15 attempts for 146 yards.

Jesse Shannon led the Panthers’ Iron Wall defense with six tackles, five solos, two assists and one sack. Seth Hasekamp supported him with 4. 5, two solos, five assists and one sack. Romine also had 4.5 with four solos, one assist and two sacks.

Centralia’s next game is at home, 7 p.m., Friday, Sept. 23 against Clarence Cannon Conference rival Monroe City, also undefeated.

For more, see next week’s edition of the Centralia Fireside Guard.

Kyden Wilkerson scores another touchdown against Brookfield

Kyden Wilkerson scores another touchdown against Brookfield


Jack Romine turns a Brookfield fumble into a touchdown

Jack Romine turns a Brookfield fumble into a touchdown

Jack Romine sacks Brookfield's quarterback

Jack Romine sacks Brookfield’s quarterback

Cayden Dunn catches a kickoff

Cayden Dunn catches a kickoff

Ethan Adams stretches for a pass

Ethan Adams stretches for a pass

Logan Rosenfelder going for a catch