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Panthers win Homecoming

Posted on Saturday, October 2, 2021 at 12:33 am

Beat Highland 40-6

The Centralia Panthers football team and their fans had a happy homecoming the evening of October 1.

They beat the now 4-2 visiting Highland Cougars 40-6 and elevated Centralia’s record to 3-3 so far, this season.

Kyden Wikerson breaks a tackle and scores a touchdown.

The did so, said Tyler Forsee, Centralia Panthers head football coach, by “dominating every aspect of the game.

Some fans had their concerns, because, they said, this Highland team was more athletic than any faced by Centralia in recent seasons. Atop that, they were also the first Highland team in perhaps 20 years to be holding a winning record when they faced Centralia

Highland’s performance on their, and the game’s first possession did not assuage those concerns. Using a crafty combination of semi-lateral passes and oblique rushes toward Centralia’s edges the almost road several first downs across the goal line before being forced to punt due to tackles by players with names such as Bradley Werkmeister and Seth Hasekamp.

Brady Werkmeister tries to block a Highland kick

And when punted did it was unusual combination of a fly ball and an onside kick or shank.

Centralia was not impressed.

On the first play of Centralia’s first possession Panther Quarterback Beau Gordon ran the ball up the middle for at 63 yards before being tackled at the four.

From there Kyden Wilkerson took javelined it up the middle for a touchdown.

By 9:09 in the first, Centralia was on the board faster than the late BoneZai the Basset Hound would have scarfed down a Texas Red’s pulled pork.

The Panthers loved their tastes of early game success and wanted more.

Brayden Shelton breaks a tackle and dives for an extra yard.

After Werkmeister hit a Highland running back hard enough to cause a fumble, which he courteously picked up, it was Centralia’s ball.

They converted Werkmeister’s courtesy into another touchdown when at the 4;03 mark Gordon scored with a three-yard up the middle rush, capping it with a successful two-yard two-point conversion pass.

They were not done.

With 1:28 left in the first Wilkerson rushed 25 yards for another touchdown, which Gordon capped with another two-point conversion pass to Brooks to end the first quarter 22-0 Centralia.

Highland scored early in the second.

At 7:57 Highland Quarterback Drew Mallet rushed for a three-yard touchdown but was unable to complete the conversion pass.

It was their only score.

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