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Posted on Tuesday, August 23, 2022 at 11:21 am

Pastor David Hartgrove, Crossroads Cathedral Assembly of God

Sacrifice is a word that our culture is not really open to using or applying. Instead of sacrifice, self gratification is much more popular and for sure instant self gratification is even more popular.

Reverend David Hartgrove

As we look at the achievements that the human race has completed, we can see clearly that nothing can be accomplished without a sacrifice of blood, sweat and tears as well as a sacrifice of time, energy, and resources.

Often we are amazed at the abundance of talent that a singer, a musician, or an athlete displays. What we often don’t see are all the hours, days, weeks, months and years of sacrifice that result in the amazing displays of talent.

The ultimate sacrifice is embodied in the life and death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ. The sacrifice needed could not be fulfilled by any member of the human race except for a sinless sacrifice. Any sacrifice offered by any member of Adam’s race would have been imperfect. But Jesus, born of a woman, yet fathered by God, was the only one qualified to be the perfect sacrifice. Christ Jesus, the perfect, sinless sacrifice offered Himself on His altar, The Cross. The Father accepted the sacrifice that the blood of no man nor of any animal could pay for sin, but the blood of the Son of God, birthed of a woman, but conceived of The Spirit of God became our sacrifice for sin.

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