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Pastor’s Desk: Balance, dogs and the Lord

Posted on Tuesday, December 3, 2019 at 1:26 pm

Luke 10:38-42

I’m a dog lover. Dogs have an amazing ability we often don’t have: to be single minded. When they are with their people, there is nothing else on earth but their people.

Pastor Marcus Blair of the Cornerstone Baptist Church.

Pastor Marcus Blair of the Cornerstone Baptist Church.

I find myself distracted a lot in life. Maybe I’m with my wife and kids out to dinner, and I ought to be enjoying the moment, caught up in being with people I love, but my mind can be a thousand miles away on just about any subject. It ruins the moment. Dogs are so happy all the time because they live entirely for what’s in front of them. They appreciate on a level we find hard.

I wish you all could meet my dog, Magnum. The other night when I came home, he hadn’t seen me all day, so I let him into the living room while I was watching TV. He sat there at my feet and didn’t want to leave. He kept moving his head back, making googoo eyes at me, and if I stopped petting him, he would nudge my hand. I just sat there and loved on him for nearly an hour and he never moved. He was single-mindedly devoted to me, and only wanted to be near the Master and bask in his love.

How often do you and I do that with the Lord Jesus? When you come to Christ, it’s amazing – you fall in love with the Lord and are so grateful to be in the Kingdom and have eternal life. But I think sometimes we forget to love on the Lord, and celebrate him, and single-mindedly think on him. This is a dangerous practice, because we are strengthened so much by being in the presence of the Lord. To be in God’s presence is to be healed, to be joyful, to forget the worries, to be filled with love. This gives us boldness. This gives us strength to face life.

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