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Pastor’s Desk: Dad

Posted on Tuesday, June 23, 2020 at 4:50 pm

Pastor Pastor Justin Danielson, Parkview Christian Church

I have been called many things in life: Christian, friend, basketball player, student, co-worker, minister, coach, husband, and of several fun nicknames like – too-tall, J.D., and choo-choo (I loved trains as a kid). But one of the things I like being called the most is…DAD! I can be in a crowd of many people with a lot of noise and still pick out my three kids’ voices when I hear…the name ‘Dad.’

Pastor Justin Danielson

Pastor Justin Danielson

We as a country just got through celebrating Father’s Day. I have been blessed to get to celebrate this day as a father for over 16 years now and I love it. There is nothing in the Bible or in life that says being a dad is easy. It’s quite the opposite. There are ups and downs. There are days I feel like the best dad in the world and other days I feel like I lost the instructions somewhere. As I have heard before, being a dad is the hardest job that I will ever love.

Eric Mason wrote a book and men’s Bible study called, “Manhood Restored” A phrase that has stuck with me for many years from his books says, “We live in a world that has a daddy deprivation.” Eric is a minister in Philadelphia, PA where there is, as he calls it, a “pandemic of fatherlessness.” I don’t believe that it is just a Philly issue; it is a growing issue in our society.

I was blessed enough to grow up in a home with both my mom and dad. My dad was a USDA meat inspector. He traveled, worked many hours, many night shifts, and often seven days a week. Because my dad worked a lot, he often missed ball games, school activities, shooting hoops/playing catch and going to church. The time I did get to spend with my dad was important. Dads, remember that you matter and time spent with your kids matters.

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