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Pastor’s Desk: Do not forget to give thanks

Posted on Tuesday, October 5, 2021 at 2:13 pm

Rev. David Hartgrove, Crossroads Cathedral Assembly of God

As I was driving down Hwy 63 preparing to officiate at a memorial service at Jacksonville i was in prayer and thinking about life and death.

A thought came to me and I felt as though God was saying to me “ Don’t forget to thank me for the vaccine.” It really shook me up as I realized that I had never actually taken specific time and deliberation to stop and give thanks to God that He had given knowledge to people to develop a vaccine that was so badly needed in the crisis that our world has been faced with. As I thought about it even more I began to thank God not only for the recent vaccine needed to address COVID but I began to thank God for all the vaccines that have saved countless lives in the 20th century and in recent decades.

Pastor David Hartgrove

Pastor David Hartgrove

Even though we need to express our thanks to people everyday all around us, often times the true source of our blessings doesn’t get the thanks due to Him. Right here and right now is the time to remember to give thanks to our Creator, who is worthy of thanks even when we may not feel thankful or may not be happy about everything going on in our life.

The apostle Paul encouraged the early church to give thanks in everything.

Paul also told the church that through Christ, he was able to be content no matter what condition or state he was found. Unfortunately, one of the negative things about the generation we are living in right now is the attitude of unthankfulness. Parents, please teach your children that when they get a birthday card with a gift in it to be sure and thank the person it came from. Not that it is necessary to say thank you so much as it is to teach children thankfulness.

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