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Pastor’s Desk: Faith

Posted on Tuesday, August 18, 2020 at 5:33 pm

David Hartgrove, Pastor, Crossroads Cathedral Assembly of God

In Luke 18:8, Jesus asks a question that seems quite strange. “When the Son of Man comes shall He find faith?” It seems very odd that Jesus would ask this question concerning His coming back to the earth. It also seems out of character when you consider that if Jesus doesn’t know,

then, who does know? Many times I have read this verse and pondered as to why Jesus would ask this question. Did Jesus speak this question out of discouragement concerning a seeming  lack of

Pastor David Hartgrove

Pastor David Hartgrove

faith displayed from those around Him? Of course Jesus knew the future with the exception that He explained that He did not know the exact time of His return as only the

Father knew those details.

In our day it truly does seem that many have lost the faith they once had. Also, at times it seems as though people of faith are encouraged to be silent about their faith lest they offend someone who either has no faith or who has something they call faith but it is only a cheap imitation of genuine faith.

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