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Pastor’s Desk: For Heaven’s Sake

Posted on Tuesday, January 21, 2020 at 2:53 pm

By Pastor David Hartgrove, Crossroads Cathederal Assembly of God

Not too long ago i committed a sin and immediately repented of my sin. However, everyday, I would relive what I had done over and over. I knew the Lord had forgiven me of that sin but

Pastor David Hartgrove

Pastor David Hartgrove

everyday it would come up in my thoughts again and again. A few days ago i was dwelling on what i had done and the Holy Spirit whispered into my spirit, “forgive yourself.” I prayed and told the Lord, “ Lord, I know you have forgiven me, through the precious blood of Jesus applied to my heart, I forgive myself.”

Now I would be sinning again to tell you that I still don’t think about what I did, but I remind myself that God has forgiven and I have forgiven myself.

Why is it so critical that we forgive ourselves? For peace of mind, of course. Also because when we fail to forgive ourselves we are holding unforgiveness again someone. Ourselves! Why is that such a big deal? Will it keep us out of heaven? If we have received Jesus as our Savior and Lord, no certainly.

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