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Pastor’s Desk: Jesus Prays for himself

Posted on Tuesday, June 25, 2024 at 7:28 pm

Minister Justin Danielson, Parkview Christian Church

Prayer is a very important part of the Christian’s life. We are called as Christ followers to imitate Jesus in all areas of our lives. Often throughout the Gospel’s (the first four books of the New Testament) we can see Jesus praying.

Prayer is our communication with God. Jesus communicated with God through prayer on behalf of others and in various situations He and others were facing. Sometimes we forget about prayer until we are already knee deep in pain, a struggle, or at a loss in our direction in life.

In the Book of John chapter 17 we find Jesus praying. In the first 5 verses of John 17 Jesus prays for Himself. John says in verse one that Jesus, “Lifted up His eyes to Heaven.” We can see different postures or ways to pray in the Bible. Abraham in the fell on his face and prayed before God (Genesis 17), Moses prayed with outstretched arms (Exodus 9), King Solomon knelt in prayer (1 Kings 8). Here we find Jesus looking up into Heaven when He was praying. Prayer can be done while standing, sitting, with outstretched arms, and even while leaping for joy. Jesus knew where to look. Jesus knew where His help came from. Jesus was confident in to Whom He was praying. As Christians we need to live these statements out when we pray to God the Father, just as Jesus did.

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