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Pastor’s Desk: Keeping our eyes focused on God

Posted on Tuesday, August 11, 2020 at 6:17 pm

Bill Schnackenberg, Pastor, Centralia United Methodist Church

Unsettled and uncertain. Isn’t that a good description of our times right now? At least that’s the way I’m feeling. And I suspect that much of our world is feeling much the same way.

Normally at this time of year we are finishing up our summer vacation times, getting ready for school, going out to get new school clothes for the kids.

Pastor Bill Schnackenberg

Pastor Bill Schnackenberg

Instead we are bombarded with news reports from all over the world and throughout our country and state about how bad things are for people.

We want to stay up on all the news so we know how our lives will be impacted.

We’ve seen changes in values, job outlooks, and for some of us, negative changes in the health of our loved ones or ourselves. It’s hard to move past all the news.

So what do we do?

When we’re feeling stressed, and isolated, and uncertain and anxious?

My “go-to” solution is to take a look at what our faith ancestors did when they were facing unsettled and uncertain times in their lives. I know their lives were not easy, so how did they deal with all the changes they faced?

Jacob tried running away from his problems. But God found him asleep and made the promise to be with him through everything he encountered.

Elijah tried hiding in a cave. But God found him and asked him why he was still there and not back in the world. Jesus’ disciples became anxious about their place in the world.

But Jesus told them not to worry and instead to trust God to provide what was necessary for them. The early church endured great persecution for what they believed. But Paul reminded them of the source of their lives and their faith and to keep their eyes focused on Christ Jesus.

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