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Pastor’s Desk: ‘Miracles’

Posted on Tuesday, February 16, 2021 at 2:18 pm

Pastor David Hargrove, Crossroads Cathedral Assembly of God

Do miracles still happen today as they did in the times in which the Bible was written? I personally believe that God is still doing miracles in the lives of people today. I love to read books and recently obtained a book by Eric Metaxas documenting miracles in the lives of people that he personally knows. One miracle was that of a woman who had severe nut allergies and had lived her life becoming sick with even the presence of nuts or nut oil in her work place or

Pastor David Hartgrove

Pastor David Hartgrove

in her home or in a hotel where she was directing a conference. She had been on death’s door several times with reactions to nuts. After prayer for this condition, she was completely healed and even able to eat nuts without any problems or complications. It was truly miraculous. The humorous part of her story is that she found out she didn’t even like nuts.

Another miracle concerned a man who was close to losing his foot with a terrible infection. He was a truck driver for whom losing a left clutch foot would be terrible as he would lose his job driving a truck. After prayer he began feeling a warmth in his foot and then his foot was restored totally.

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