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Pastors Desk: Remembering who we are

Posted on Tuesday, October 1, 2019 at 11:17 am

Father Mike Coleman, Holy Spirit Catholic Church

This past summer I spent four days of my vacation in Pittsburgh, watching my beloved Cardinals play the Pirates. Thankfully they won all four games in exciting fashion.

Father Mike Coleman

Father Mike Coleman

I got a hotel within walking distance and the first night as I set out

I was taking in all the sights and sounds of this beautiful city. As I began to walk across the bridge to PNC Park, the Pirates home stadium, I saw a beautiful sight. A young father was carrying his little boy on his shoulder to the game.  The little guy was asking his dad questions about the Pirates and the dad was answering with great enthusiasm.

Immediately I felt my eyes misting with tears. It was from my dad that I learned to love the game of baseball and in my minds eye I could clearly remember my dad taking me to a Cardinals’ game for the first time.

I was about the same age as the little guy riding atop his dad’s shoulders as we walked across the bridge overlooking the Allegheny River. I vividly remember my dad clasping my hand tightly and telling me stories about some of the great Cardinals I was about to see inaction.  A tremendous warmth came over me as I remembered my dad. This

December 18th, my dad will have been gone for 41 years. My memories of him are still fresh!

Remembering my dad always gives me a wonderful sense of being grounded. I am blessed that my dad not only loved to pass on his love of baseball and the Cardinals to me but also his love of Jesus.

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