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Pastor’s Desk: The Everyday Commission

Posted on Tuesday, October 3, 2023 at 5:30 pm

Pastor Tyler TeBrink, Cornerstone Baptist Church

How does a church grow? What are the best practices that bring in people? These are questions that every church asks at one point or another but I think there has to be a question asked before these. What is church growth? Is growth measured by people on a Sunday? Is it measured by the size of the budget? What about the number of members compared to attendees?

Questions such as these have been asked at every church I have been part of but as I’ve walked with the Lord and studied scripture, I wonder if the answer isn’t has difficult as we’ve made it out to be. Over the last several weeks, Cornerstone has examined the time between resurrection and ascension of Jesus. One of the key teaching moments during this time is the Great Commission in Matthew 28. This is a relatively well known passage in Christian circles and it is often taught when there is an extra emphasis on missions. While I think this passage reinforces the necessity of missions, I think the application is much closer to home. Let me explain.

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