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Pastor’s Desk: So many things

Posted on Tuesday, July 26, 2022 at 3:01 pm

Reverend Eric Hill, Antioch Baptist Church

There are so many things going on in people lives today that may cause them to feel despair and hopeless in our world.

So many folks do little to nothing about those feelings and it lead them down a path that’s not so bright.

Pastor Eric Hill

They begin to think negatively about there self, people and situations that attracts even more negativity.

The problem with focusing on negative things takes you to a road of hopelessness and depression. So, what to do when you find yourself in that position. Realize you are at a low phase of your life and you are going to decide strongly to come out of it.

That begins with you thinking positively, taking the first step towards being hopeful. Positivity attracts favorable situations, we feel hopeful and happy, which removes hopelessness in life. We ignore trivial things that disturb us and focus on the positive side of each case. Positivity motivates us and those around us and reaps success.

Let me give you a few things that will help you, first Pray-read Philippians 4:6, feeling hopeless is obvious while facing difficulties in life. This is when it may seem to be challenging to remain positive.

When you pray to God, you surrender all your worries to Him and feel light. When our prayers are heartfelt and faithful, we surely get help from Him. There are times when we try to be positive and focus on our present. But the past incidences…

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