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Pictures from the Chance Elementary School Book Fair and Glow Night

Posted on Wednesday, March 30, 2022 at 7:27 pm

Personally, it makes me remember why I love being an educator. I was a teacher first before I became a principal. I’ll always be a teacher at heart. I went into education for the kids, to help them grow and learn and have those lightbulb moments. I love creating events and activities where the kids are excited to come to school. If we can create excitement, the learning will follow. Engagement is key.” 

Tiffani Shuman, principal, Chance Elementary School.


“Professionally, I thoroughly enjoyed seeing the staff and teachers’ reactions to the support of families in attendance. As a teacher, you want that parent-student-teacher connection, and this event created a moment for that to occur. I wanted the staff to equally have fun with the kids and remember how learning and teaching can be so rewarding. When you put on an event, and put the work into it, you want it to be successful. You want people to WANT to come. You want people to enjoy the event and ‘get’ something from it. To have so many people show up in support helped give back to our staff that the work they put in is noticed. Their passion is noticed. The support and enjoyment from students and families boosts your spirits as an educator. And it supports the educators when families show their child how school and education is important. . . I had someone say to me that the number of people in attendance was more than they had seen in a long time at a non-sporting event. “