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Pink Flamingos flocking to Centralia

Posted on Friday, June 11, 2021 at 4:39 pm

By 8 a.m., it was already 80 degrees with a nearly clear blue sky in Centralia as Nancy Baca pulled into her Hwy. 22 insurance office on Centralia’s west side.

It was not the same, peaceful, semi-pastoral, scene she’d grown used to after seven years in the same location.

Something or somethings, was different.

Nancy Baca in front of her office with some of her pink visitors.

Maybe it was the 100 pink plastic flamingos that dotted her State Farm office’s front yard.

When asked, she said her first thought upon seeing the pasture of pink was “I’ve been flocked.”

Baca was aware of the phenomenon, she said, “It is a fundraiser for Centralia Cub Scout Pack 90,” she said. “People anonymously donate to the pack for them to plant the flock on somebody’s yard or place of business… We don’t know who sent them our way.”

Kelli Elliot, one of the pack’s parent-leaders, said the flock landed 8 p.m. Thursday night, with the help of two scouts and two parent-leaders.

The birds will only be there a few days….

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