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Poppy’s restaurant coming to Centralia square

Posted on Tuesday, April 7, 2020 at 2:06 pm

Call it a family affair, or call it Poppy’s Centralia.

Whatever you call it, it is happening on the north side of Centralia’s city square.

Lora Michael and her
Richard in the dining room of the soon to be open Poppy’s restaurant on Centralia’s town square

That is where Lora Michael and her husband Richard are turning the historic former home of Ritchie’s Hardware to Poppy’s, the Centralia home of the Hallsville restaurant of the same name.

Their plan for the more than 100 years-old building is for the west side to be a family-style restaurant, open by May’s end.

“The plan is for it to be open by Anchor Fest,” Lora said.

“We hope they’re still having it,” Michael said, “If not we might pitch a tent in the square and serve food anyway.”

Lora took a minute to describe some of the food they plan to be cooking in their new 40-square-foot kitchen in one the building’s remodeled back rooms.

At Poppy’s burgers will be king.

“We’ve got the Super B and the Bulldog Burger,” she said, sitting in one of the back rooms, taking a break from the remodeling. “The Super B is a half-pound burger topped with Swiss cheese, fried onion rings and bacon, smothered in A-1 Country Bob’s Barbecue Sauce and served between two pieces of Texas toast.”

The Bulldog, she said, is also a half-pound hamburger, covered with American cheese, Swiss cheese, ham, bacon and barbecue sauce, also on Texas toast.

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