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Public Health responds to Centralia COVID-19 allegation

Posted on Tuesday, July 21, 2020 at 3:37 pm

Concerns regarding possible COVID-19 exposure and the vulnerability of local senior citizens to the disease, prompted a local business representative to contact the Fireside Guard, who in turn contacted the Columbia Boone County Health Department.

Recent social media posts alleged a public event which occurred on the City Square around July 14 may have included two individuals who had contracted COVID-19.

More people are wearing facemarks as COVID-19 cases increase.

In response to a Fireside Guard inquiry, the Boone County Department of Public Health and Hunan Services gave the following response, which the Fireside Guard is, in the interest of complete understanding, quoting in its entirety.

“We understand your concern. However, PHHS does not disclose or confirm any information about positive cases, nor identify businesses/events that have had employees or customers test positive. PHHS may notify the public if contact tracing …”

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