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Richmonds bring ‘Mercy’ to the homeless

Posted on Friday, March 5, 2021 at 6:30 pm

An area couple have found a niche where they can do their part to help the homeless.

“Eleos,” is Greek for “mercy,” and that  is what Justin and Elizabeth Richmond of Harrisburg do with their lives.

Justin Richmond

Speaking at Centralia’s Friendship place, to an audience of 16 Centralia Kiwanians, the Richmonds described their mission as sharing God’s love through helping those in need.

Though international in scope, the Richmond’s desicrbed Eleos’ local work, of which they share a hand-on part.

One part is helping the homeless who Justin said, do not want to live in shelters, but prefer to camp in wooded public areas, mostly on the outskirts of Columbia.

The other is the “Baby Blessing Box” program, for expecting mothers

Liz Richmond

who could use a little extra support, Elizabeth  said.

“We meet people where they are,” Justin said of the homeless program, “and are more concerned with where they are and where they are going, not how they got there. We are there to give them the resources to move forward.”

The couple said they make it a point to try and remember the homeless they interact with as they visit their makeshift campgrounds, distributing rugged clothes, toiletries, bagged food and socks from the large plastic totes they haul in their pickup truck.

“It really makes a huge difference to them to be recognized, be remembered,” Justin said, “so much of society just sees them as faceless.”

He said with the exception of socks, the Richmonds the let the campers take what they need from the totes.

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