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Robin Writes: Independence Day

Posted on Tuesday, June 29, 2021 at 6:56 pm

Independence Day has lost its name. In a moment of laziness or maybe just forgetfulness, many of us decided to take away the descriptive title and replace it with a calendar number.

To most people, the holiday is now just “The Fourth of July”.

Robin Leach

The Fourth of July comes every year. Just as the fifth and the third. It means food and family and fireworks for most. A day off work for some; an excuse to relax and enjoy life. And that’s okay.

But when we stopped calling the holiday “Independence Day”, we started forgetting its importance.

Independence Day should be more that a party on a hot summer’s day. Its vital significance in each of our lives is evident in everything we do and say.

We wage battle to give others a taste of this independence, and yet our own tongues have grown dull to its flavor. The attacks on our homeland in 2001 reminded us how much we cherish our way of life…but memories have a way of fading—leaving the facts but watering down the feelings that stirred us to renewed patriotism.

This year, on Independence Day, we should commit ourselves to making an effort to appreciate why we’re celebrating.

Fireworks are more than loud, pretty displays to be seen from lawn chairs and car hoods. They represent battles won and lost in our struggle to be free. The flags that decorate our homes like fashionable banners are sacred reminders of the rights and responsibilities that come to those whose states are represented by a star on the fabric.

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